Patient Participation Group

Fishermead Medical Centre has a virtual patient participation group, for any of our patients who are interested in helping us shape and improve our services, and take part in local surveys.

As we realise that it is not always possible to attend meetings our group operates through emails. We would like to expand our patient group, if you are interested in joining please  complete our online Patient Participation Group Registration form. We would very much welcome your input, support, and help to improve our services in the future.

Fishermead Medical Centre Patient Participation Group

Please join our group and help us work with doctors, nursing and management staff to:

  • Improve services
  • Encourage health education
  • Provide feedback and positive suggestions on matters of concern.

Our virtual group is open to all patients of Fishermead Medical Centre. You can participate by sharing views and ideas. We will consult with you on a regular basis to keep you informed.

Terms of reference

Fishermead Medical Centre Patient Participation Group Terms of Reference

This PPG will:

  •  Act as a planning tool – can be consulted on service development and provision.
  • Provide feedback on patients’ needs, concerns and interests.
  • ‘Safety valve’ for dealing with concerns about the practice – help give the practice’s viewpoint.
  • Assist practice by facilitating voluntary groups/support within the community.
  • Feedback information about the community, in general, which may affect healthcare.
  • Give patients a voice in the organisation of their care.
  • Health Education: encourage and support activities within the practice and promote preventative medicine.
  • Influence the provision of secondary health care and social care locally.
  • Monitor services, e.g. hospital discharge and support when back in the community.
  • Give feedback to NHS Trusts on consultations.
  • Fundraising for medical equipment or other facilities to improve the practice or the group may prefer not to have the responsibility of fund-raising.
  • Liaise with other Patient Participation Groups in the area that can help put you in touch with other groups.